Tricks to Break Up With Your Phone

  • Slide a rubber band around your phone when you are not using it. By doing this if you reach your phone out of instinct you will we more aware of how often you mindlessly grab your device if your thumb brushes against rubber band. This techniques gives you a chance to reconsider whether you actually want to be on your phone or if you simply garbing your phone out of habit.
  • Change your lock screen wallpaper. Choose a background that will remind you to check in with yourself before proceeding on you phone.
  • Rearrange you home screen. Switching up the layout of your home screen mean it will take more time to find time consuming app so you will have more time to decide whether you really need to use it or just reaching out of instinct.
  • Turn off non essential notification. Notifications are very effective to grab our focus to our phone, Don’t give opportunity to steal your attention to these time sucking apps.
  • Cut yourself off from your problem apps. Apply screen time limits to your apps you spend most time scrolling through, like Instagram twitter or both. Both android and iOS have ability to create customized daily time limits for the specified app. Check your phone’s setting for more information
  • Enable “Do Not Disturb” to limit distraction. This Mode, available on Android and apple phones, silences your notifications while it’s engaged, but you can customize your setting to allows alerts from preselected apps.

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